Purecontrol and ENGIE join forces to simplify and democratize electricity demand response

Because of the increased risk of electricity blackouts due to the energy crisis, the need for electrical flexibility is growing. To respond quickly and efficiently to these challenges, Purecontrol and ENGIE have joined forces to simplify and maximize the demand response mechanism while guaranteeing continuity of service. A turnkey solution for industries and communities.


RTE* reports a need for 17 GW of energy flexibility resources in 2050, compared to the 3 GW possible today*. This winter’s energy crisis demonstrates that all flexibility resources must be used to ensure a real-time supply-demand balance on the power grid. There is a real need to increase the volume that can be activated to meet these short and long term challenges.


In response, ENGIE and Purecontrol are combining their solutions to simplify and automate the use of large-scale load shedding. Local authorities, water stakeholders and industrial companies will thus be able to benefit from the association of the two companies and the synergy of their solutions.

The ENGIE Nextflex solution provides an aggregator of decentralized electrical flexibility for electricity production or extraction sites. Thanks to its expertise, ENGIE contracts reliable load shedding formats with flexibility providers and provides personalized support and monitoring of operations.

Purecontrol’s modeling and control technology manages the demand for load shedding from RTE, and analyzes in real time the possibility of load shedding while guaranteeing the continuity of the service. The solution then automatically adjusts the operation of the processes and regulations to achieve, without risk, the requested load shedding.


NextFlex, ENGIE Group’s electrical flexibility aggregator, and Purecontrol are joining forces to accelerate the development of electrical flexibility,” said Guillaume LEHEC, Head Flexibility Services, and Julien Michel, Business Developer at ENGIE Global Energy Management & supply. “At ENGIE, we support our customers on the path to decarbonization ; our electrical flexibility services allow our customers to adapt their consumption in an optimized and sustainable way. Our operational cooperation with Purecontrol aims to guarantee a high level of reliability and operational robustness across the flexibility value chain, thus strengthening its efficiency and competitiveness. Engie’s and Purecontrol’s commitment to the decarbonization of the economy and the professional and human values we share form the basis of a cooperation that will enable us to meet the challenges of the electrical flexibility of the future, at the service of our customers and for controlled consumption.” 

The partnership between Purecontrol and ENGIE is part of a strategy to develop electrical flexibility throughout the country,” adds Loïc Croissant, Director of Development and Innovation at Purecontrol. “We are convinced that simplifying and automating load shedding will allow a greater number of players to participate, even sites that were previously excluded from the mechanism. The combination of our two solutions is a real strength to contribute to the resilience of the electrical grid, while accelerating the decarbonization of many sectors of activity.”


The combination of the two solutions offers a real added value for the managers of shredding sites: a better visibility on the operation of the site before and after shaving, on the generated revenues, and a saving of time for the operators who will no longer have to intervene on the installations to prepare and activate the shaving. 


Purecontrol and ENGIE are taking the lead in allowing a consolidated management of load shedding, meeting the challenges of the energy crisis and the future demand for flexibility estimated by RTE. 

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