Purecontrol is hiring!

Built with around 15 employees, mainly in AI and R&D, Purecontrol is growing up!

We are looking for our future thinking minds to help us answer to th skyrocketing growth.

Open positions

Support technician

Systems and network administrator

Financial manager

Marketing Director

Working at Purecontrol

Purecontrol brings its expertise to the water management actors, especially with 3 of the major french water managers leaders. The start-up also begins to develop itself with manufacturers and renewable energy producers.

Purecontrol is not looking for a well-looking CV, but rather an approach! All our employees have the same desire: contribute to the building of a better industry, each at their own level.

And this is how our work becomes even more interesting!

Contribute to the building of a better society

Purecontrol is part of a collective intelligence approach towards the environment and mobilizes itself with manufacturers and communities to allow them to reach more easily their objectives of reducing their environmental impact. It is an approach that motivates all our employees.


Mutual respect

Because we know the balance between personal and profesional life can be thin, we are committed to respecting the needs of our employees: flexible schedules, remote work, autonomy, team building activities… The management listens to the needs of employees and communicates transparently.