Purecontrol labelled “Greentech Innovation” by the French Ministry of ecological transition
Rennes, France, May 3rd 2021, Purecontrol is honored to be selected among the top 45 French companies in the field of ecological transition in the energy efficiency category. The Greentech Innovation label recognizes startups and SMEs for their unique ability to innovate, their great environmental impact and contribution to the ecological transition. The Greentech Innovation initiative aims to support new projects with high economic potential within start-ups and SMEs covering all topics of the ecological transition: renewable energy, mobility, building, circular economy, biodiversity… “We are delighted to be selected by the Ministry of ecological transition and to be part of the Greentech innovation community. This award recognizes the positive environmental impact of our solutions. We are committed to supporting water companies, manufacturers and renewable energy producers in their effort to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint,” says Gautier Avril, CEO of Purecontrol.

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