Purecontrol raises €1.7M in its first round of financing
Rennes, France, July 2, 2021, Purecontrol pursues its strong development and has just completed a new round of financing, bringing its total investment to €1.7M. This startup from the Rennes ecosystem is revolutionizing industrial automation and control systems with artificial intelligence technologies (machine learning and deep tech). Purecontrol has just raised a total of €1.7 million, confirming an excellent start to the year for this startup dedicated to energy transition. Among the key financial stakeholders, we should mention the OKwind Group, BNP, CIC and BPI. In this strategic period, Purecontrol was also able to count on the help and support of Bretagne Region, Rennes Métropole, Rennes St Malo Lab experimentation fund and the Poool. This fundraising will allow the company to accelerate the deployment of its solution for wastewater treatment plants but also to address new markets such as drinking water treatment plants, incineration and methanization. The company currently employs 16 people, and plans to double its current workforce by the end of 2022, mainly in strategic positions of mathematicians and sales representatives, including an R&D director and a development director. As part of this fundraising, we would also like to note the entry of business angel Sylvain Richert. He will support the ambition and the financial strategy in order to help establish Purecontrol as a leader in the solutions of regulation, supervision and control of industrial processes. A strategic alliance with the OKwind Group This financing round also marks the entry into the capital of the OKwind Group and the strategic alliance between these two fast-growing companies, which provide innovative solutions for energy-intensive industrial processes. The OKwind Group, based in Torcé and specialized in solar tracker technology, aims to become one of the world leaders in this field within 5 years. Purecontrol has already demonstrated the high added value of its solutions – both in terms of operating quality and energy efficiency – to all the major players in water management. It currently equips more than 150 installations, wastewater treatment plants and other industrial sites and plans to equip 5000 installations within 3 years. In addition to this market where the company already offers the reference solution, Purecontrol plans to penetrate other industrial sectors with complex and energy consuming processes.

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