Rennes Métropole chose Purecontrol to optimize the wastewater network management


Rennes Metropole has to guarantee the water treatment quality on its territory. An even greater challenge that the wastewater plants are facing increasingly strict  functional, structural and environmental requirements.


Boris Guéguen, Wastewater Director of Rennes Métropole, explains how Purecontrol helped them to optimize the wastewater network management in this video.


With its 25 wastewater treatment plants, Rennes Métropole has to ensure a well-performing wastewater service for almost 180 000 subscribers in collective sanitation, and more than 9 000 individuals.


The wastewater treatment plant Direction is responsible for the quality of its discharges into the natural environment in compliance with environmental standards.The treatment plants have to be more and more efficient at regulating and optimizing the water management with their energy consumption reduction


Rennes Métropole chose Purecontrol to help them to optimize their equipment efficiency thanks tp energical consumption analysis and intelligent regulation of the processes: 


“Purecontrol allowed us to decrease by 10 to 15% our overall energy consumption in the wastewater treatment plant” – Boris Guéguen, Wastewater Director of Rennes Métropole


La solution leur a également permis de piloter leur réseau de façon optimale et prédictive, afin d’anticiper les anomalies sur les équipements et ajuster les processus d’assainissement en prenant en compte les facteurs internes et externes tels que la pluviométrie, le débit d’eau, les tarifs énergétiques… 


The solution also helped them to automatically control their network in an optimal and predictive way, in order to anticipate equipment anomalies and adjust wastewater treatment processes by taking into account the influence of internal and external factors such as pluviometry, rainwaters, energy prices…


We are proud to support Rennes Métropole in guaranteeing stable water treatment quality through continuous adjustment of treatment processes.

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