Saur Group and Purecontrol have signed a partnership agreement to optimize the energy consumption of water treatment plants

Saur announces the launch of a new partnership with the French company Purecontrol to optimize the energy consumption of water treatment plants using an AI-driven solution. Following a series of successful pilot projects, Saur is now rolling out this solution to all water treatment plants operated by the Group, which contributes to delivering on its Zero Net Emission strategy to achieve an 83% reduction in its carbon intensity by 2023.

Purecontrol is an innovative artificial intelligence-driven management solution that significantly reduces operating costs and carbon footprint, at the same time as optimizing operations for water industry and water management actors.
Following a series of successful pilot projects, the solution will now be progressively rolled out in all water treatment plants operated by Saur to analyze and control operation of the most energy-intensive equipment. Ultimately, all the international water treatment plants operated by the Group will benefit from the same solution.

The Saur/Purecontrol partnership is fully committed to simplifying front line operations by ensuring compliance with environmental standards, reducing the risk of failure and optimizing energy costs. As a result, operations management will be able to respond and adapt immediately to weather forecasts, upstream water quality measurements, energy prices and plant operating status.
Front line operators can therefore be certain of an optimized level of carbon  impact, backed up by real-time operational support.

The new partnership will also help the Group to deliver its Zero Net Emission strategy to achieve an 83% reduction in its carbon intensity by 2023.
Saur continues to implement practical, long-term initiatives to facilitate the energy and water transition in all its operating regions, highlighting its local presence and commitment to its local authority and industrial partners.

Christophe Tanguy is Chief Operating Officer at Saur Group: “This new partnership has emerged from our determination to successfully deliver the energy transition for our operating facilities throughout France by taking their efficiency to a new level. We also lead by example in our management of energy. Like every other industry in the world today, our challenges are to control our costs and decarbonize. This new partnership with Purecontrol will clearly help us to do that. It also further strengthens our determination to rally all local actors around the challenges posed by water as we strive to establish ourselves as champion of the water transition by 2030.”

Geoffroy Maillard is CEO and Co-Founder of Purecontrol: “Signing this partnership agreement with Saur marks a major step forward in the development of Purecontrol. It also reflects a substantial and impressive level of recognition for the credentials of Purecontrol expertise among industrial and local authority water users. One thing I am certain about is that this year will mark a turning point for the growth of Purecontrol, not only in France, but also internationally.”

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