Manufacturing 4.0:
Our solutions in action

Purecontrol helps manufacturing companies:

  • Optimize energy efficiency
  • Increase the performance of their production processes
  • Reduce environmental footprint

Manufacturing sites and processes

Reduce carbon footprint and operating costs:

The regulations of industrial processes are rarely continuously optimized, in particular because of the complexity of programming that would involve taking into account all the influencing factors (dynamic energy pricing, volatility of the carbon impact of electricity consumed etc.).

By creating and using a digital twin of the process, the Purecontrol solution enables to integrate an unlimited number and an infinite complexity of influencing factors in order to optimize real-time and continuous regulation.


Reduction of production downtime by making industrial regulations more reliable

Operating cost reduction (water, energy, treatment products): by up to 20%

Detection of anomalies

Regulatory compliance in all circumstances

Methanization and biogas production

Maximize biogas production, reduce operating costs and optimize process reliability:
  • Methanization has many advantages: production of renewable energy, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, recycling of organic waste, production of biofertilizer.
  • Current European policies are pushing this sector to increase sustainability, reduce biogas production costs and optimize the performance of methanization units.

Purecontrol allows companies specializing in aerobic digestion to visualize and analyze the evolution of performance indicators.
The solution controls electro-mechanical equipment in order to optimize biogas production


Reduced energy costs

Maximization of biogas production

Anomalies detection

Reduction of environmental risks

Other use cases supported by Purecontrol

You are a water company or a municipality
You are a producer of renewable energy
You’re a water company or a municipality
You’re a producer of renewable energy

Benefits of Purecontrol


Industrial processes


Energy consumption


Carbon footprint


Thanks to predictive maintenance