Renewable energies: Our solutions in action

Purecontrol helps producers and companies using renewable energy:
  • Increase the performance of their production processes
  • Reduce their environmental footprint
  • Optimize self-consumption of green energy

Renewable energies self-consumption

Optimize self-consumption of renewable energy:
  • The European green deal targets 40% of renewable energy by 2030.
  • Self-consumption offers an opportunity for manufacturers, communities and for the farming sector to reduce their energy bills by directly consuming their own production of green electricity.
Purecontrol is developing partnerships with renewable energy producers such as the OKWind group to offer innovative and differentiating offers. These renewable energy solutions, coupled with Purecontrol intelligent control system, allow industrial customers, farmers and water treatment plants to maximize their self-consumption. Purecontrol optimizes industrial equipment operations by favoring self-consumption while renewable energy is produced.

Optimization of green energy self-consumption

Reduction of energy bills: 10 to 20%

Carbon footprint reduced

Methanization and biogas production

Maximize biogas production, reduce operating costs and optimize process reliability:
  • Methanization has many advantages: production of renewable energy, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, recycling of organic waste, production of biofertilizer.
  • Current European policies are pushing the sector to increase its sustainability, to reduce biogas production costs and optimize the performance of methanization units.

Purecontrol allows companies specializing in aerobic digestion to visualize and analyze the evolution of performance indicators.

The solution controls electro-mechanical equipment in order to optimize biogas production.


Reduced energy costs

Maximization of biogas production

Anomalies detection

Reduction of environmental risks

Other use cases supported by Purecontrol

You are a water company or a municipality
You are a manufacturer
You’re a water company or a municipality
You’re a manufacturer

Benefits of Purecontrol


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