Water management:
Our solutions in action

Purecontrol supports water companies and municipalities to:

  • Optimize their energy efficiency
  • Increase the performance of their production processes
  • Reduce their environmental footprint
  • Ensure environmental compliance

Drinking water production and storage

Water pumping and storage operations optimization :

Drinking water production plants collect and treat water from rivers and groundwater. The objective is to meet the fluctuating demand of users, to improve the quality of the water produced while reducing the energy consumption of the process.

Purecontrol anticipates drinking water needs, calculates in real time the energy performance of the various pumping equipment and assesses the risks of service disruption.

The system also optimizes water pumping operations according to the different electric tariff periods while respecting the storage autonomy guidelines.


Revenue maximized thanks to the implementation of energy demand reduction

Reduction of pumping energy costs: Up to 10%

Reduction of the risk of service disruption thanks to storage management on autonomy rather than on levels

Reduction of carbon footprint: Up to 20%

Industrial and urban wastewater collection and treatment

Increase energy efficiency and ensure compliance with regulations:
  • The purpose of wastewater treatment plants is to purify wastewater before it is released into the rivers. The organic composition and volume of water can change significantly depending on seasonality, weather conditions and upstream industrial effluents.
  • Faced with these fluctuations, operators must do their utmost to comply with environmental standards. These increasingly strict constraints on the quality of processed water tend to increase the energy expenditure of the treatments.
Purecontrol intelligently controls the wastewater treatment process by anticipating the behavior of physical and chemical parameters and by modeling the consumption of electro-mechanical equipment (energy consumption breakdown).

The system takes into account the influence of external factors such as weather conditions, population changes and dynamic energy prices.

Finally, the solution detects anomalies and drifts in the performance of equipment and dispenses with sometimes expensive sensors.


Optimized regulation of the most energy consuming treatment tasks: aeration, dephosphatation or sludge treatment

Reduction of operating costs: Up to 20%

Reduction of greenhouse carbon footprint: Up to 30%

Regulatory conformity in all circumstances

Water pumping stations

Reduce the risk of overflows and optimize energy efficiency:

Lift stations facilitate the delivery of wastewater to the treatment plants. These energy-intensive pumps activate when filling thresholds are exceeded, but rarely anticipate the impact of external factors.

The Purecontrol solution for the intelligent automation of lifting stations takes into account a set of factors:

  • Internal: energy efficiency of pumps, energy pricing
  • External : weather forecasts, temporary population increase

Purecontrol anticipates meteorological factors and dynamically manages the collection and treatment systems. The solution limits the discharge of untreated wastewater into the environment.


Reduction of overflows: Up to -70%

Energy consumption of pumps: Up to -10%

Optimization of pump life

Detection of anomalies

Other use cases supported by Purecontrol

You are a manufacturer
You are a producer of renewable energy
You’re a manufacturer
You’re a producer of renewable energy

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