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Purecontrol helps manufacturers, water management companies and producers of renewable energy to:

  • Optimize their energy efficiency.
  • Increase the performance of their production processes.
  • Reduce their environmental footprint.

Our solutions address a wide range of use cases: pumping, drinking water treatment, water distribution, collection and treatment in water treatment plants.
Purecontrol is also leading development projects in partnership with operators of aquatic centers, datacenters, methanization sites, logistics platforms and supermarkets,…

You are a water company or a municipality
You are a manufacturer
You are a producer of renewable energy
You’re a water company or a municipality
You’re a manufacturer
You’re a producer of renewable energy

Making processes more reliable and reducing energy costs in industry

Industry accounts for 20% of energy consumption and is facing a dizzying increase in electricity prices. The chemical and pharmaceutical industries, metallurgy and food processing are among the most energy-consuming sectors and are also subject to increasingly strict regulations.

How to optimize energy efficiency in industry, make factories more environmentally friendly while maximizing profitability?

Energy management is a real challenge for manufacturers to increase their competitiveness, reduce their carbon footprint and respect environmental constraints. The solution requires a good understanding of the behavior of installations (compressed air, steam network, cold management, etc.), the ability to optimize equipment operations and control complex production processes.

Here are some examples of deployments illustrating how Purecontrol supports its partners with its analytics and intelligent piloting solutions for industrial process optimization.

Water cycle management, energy efficiency and compliance with environmental standards

OECD forecasts a 55% increase in water demand worldwide between 2000 and 2050 from the industrial and energy sectors as well as from municipalities and households.

In terms of water quality, globally, about 80% of industrial and municipal wastewater is discharged into the environment without any prior treatment, with adverse effects on human health and ecosystems (WWAP, 2017).

Water and sanitation utilities face multiple challenges:

  • Preserving a scarce natural resource and managing ever-increasing demand.
  • Comply with increasingly strict environmental standards.
  • Controlling operating costs and optimizing investments in a context of constantly rising electricity prices.
  • Contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Optimize profitability by innovating and developing new business models.

These challenges require operators to master the treatment processes and operations in a dynamic environment influenced by many exogenous factors.

Discover how Purecontrol helps water companies and local authorities throughout the small water cycle: pumping, potabilization, storage, routing, treatment, sanitation and waste recovery.

Optimize the self-consumption of renewable energies

Faced with global warming, Purecontrol is committed alongside communities and companies (industrial, water actors, stores, workshops, farmers) in the optimization of production and self-consumption of renewable energy.

The Green deal published in January 2019 highlights the objectives of developing self-consumption. Indeed, investment in renewable energy production has many interests: environmental commitment, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, energy independence to cope with rising and volatile electricity prices.

How to optimize self-consumption of renewable energy and Return on Investments?

Coupled with renewable energy solutions, Purecontrol allows companies to maximize their green energy production and reduce their dependency on carbon-based electricity. This unique solution offers many environmental and economic benefits:

  • Reliable and optimized renewable energy production processes
  • Maximized self-consumption by intelligently operating equipment during periods of green energy production
  • Strong and profitable commitment to the energy and ecological transition

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