Optimize now, all the time.

Reduce your carbon footprint and gain efficiency by making the most of your existing facilities.

 Up to 30% off your energy bills

Up to 40% off your carbon footprint

Simplified and efficient operational processes

Compliant discharges in all circumstances

Necessary regulation

Soaring energy prices, the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, new production methods…

How to do better now?

We offer you an intelligent real-time control solution to effectively address your energy challenges.
Reduce your carbon footprint and gain in efficiency, by making the most of your existing installations. All this, without any additional investment.

Discover how Purecontrol supports you throughout the water cycle : pumping, potabilization, storage, routing, treatment, sanitation and waste recovery.

Purecontrol supports you !

Purecontrol solutions are easy to integrate and control your industrial installations in an optimal way.
Thanks to artificial intelligence, the solutions adjust to your environment no matter how complex it is.

Optimization and control of aeration

Reduce your energy consumption while respecting water discharge regulations

Management of wastewater networks

Reduce the risk of overflow in your water system while optimizing energy efficiency

Drinking water pumping management

Reduce the energy consumption of your drinking water network while adapting storage to water demand

Reduction of chemical use

Adjust the amount of treatment products used to treat your water and reduce their consumption

Reduction of environmental impact

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2 or N2O, maximize the use of green energy

Anomaly detection and prediction

Make your processes and installations more reliable by detecting anomalies and predicting the behavior of your sites

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Purecontrol’s control solution has become a real tool for the agents of Rennes Métropole, simplifying their work and saving them time. The most obvious benefit is the reduction of our energy consumption and allows us to constantly search for the optimal settings on our wastewater treatment plants.

Boris Guégen

Sanitation Director, Rennes Métropole

Our partnership with Purecontrol has brought innovation to our wastewater treatment plants by integrating artificial intelligence into our operations. This collaboration has contributed to bringing our structures closer together and thus to have energy, environmental and ultimately economic optimization gains.

Freddy Got

Territory Director - Bassin de la Vilaine, Véolia