Purecontrol's AI applications are only
limited by the imagination

With a mathematical and telecom vision of processes, the Purecontrol solution can be replicated without limits from one environment to another. Our catalog of turnkey applications is regularly enriched.
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Wastewater services

Usine de traitement des eaux usées

WWTP aeration

Ensure the quality of discharge at the outlet of the tanks while optimizing the operation of aerators, which consume the most energy.

WWTP phosphorus removal

Reduce chemicals consumption while ensuring treatment performance, to reduce costs and environmental impact.

Nitrous oxide mitigation

Model nitrous oxide emissions in tanks and control aeration cycles so as to limit their emissions.


Reduce the risks of overflow with dynamic network management and optimize the energy efficiency of pumps.

Drinking water networks

Pumping management

Purecontrol applies the best pumping scenarios based on the energy efficiency of the pumps and your electrical rates.

Drinking water storage

Our algorithms manage to predict water demand for up to 7 days. The storage level is defined to ensure sufficient autonomy to meet demand, without excess capacity.

Thermal boilers and
heating networks

Urban heating networks

Purecontrol orchestrates heat production between your units: biomass, waste-to-energy plants, fossil fuel boilers. Reduce your costs, your emissions, and accelerate the decarbonization of your city.

Biomass boilers and waste-to-energy plants

The Purecontrol solution optimizes key processes in your installation, such as supplying the oven and treating the smoke. The key: optimized returns, aligned with the prediction of demand, and while respecting environmental objectives.

Biogas producers

Scrubber for injection site

The purifier removes impurities and unwanted components to obtain a gas containing more than 97% methane. Purecontrol predicts the evolution of the quantity of biogas in the gaseous sky and the evolution of energy prices to control the start-up of the purifier.

Holistic co-generation management

In cogeneration, the biogas produced is converted into electricity and heat, intended to be used locally or resold. Purecontrol offers optimized site management, adjusting gas production according to a prediction of the specific energy needs of customers.

Food industry

Optimization of industrial wastewater treatment

Purecontrol reduces the operating time of aerators by up to 25%, reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint. The solution also drastically reduces the use of reagents dedicated to phosphate removal.

Optimized cold production and storage

Purecontrol dynamically adapts the power of refrigeration units and ventilation, anticipating need. It adjusts temperature and humidity to optimise energy and reduce the carbon impact, while respecting the specific constraints of each cold room.

Spray drying (milk, cereals, seaweed, etc.)

The Purecontrol solution predicts and adjusts drying tower parameters. It takes into account meteorological and raw material variability to stabilize quality, minimizing energy consumption.

Maximizing self-consumption

Purecontrol optimizes the efficiency of steam and compressed air systems in the IAA by improving the overall performance of the system in line with operational demand on site.


Control of galvanization bath dimmers

Maintaining the molten zinc bath (around 450°C) at optimum temperature for the galvanization of steel parts, taking into account the temperature changes induced by the parts.

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