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Artificial Intelligence control for higher-quality galvanization with reduced energy consumption

Galvanization, a key process in metallurgy, plays an essential role in the protection of metals against corrosion. Purecontrol offers an innovative solution to optimize temperature control in molten zinc basins.

We guarantee superior galvanization quality while optimizing energy consumption and extending the life of installations.

Control operating costs

Decrease in energy consumption

Ensuring the quality of galvanization

Extend the lifespan of installations


Control of the heating of the galvanization basin as a function of the load

Purecontrol optimizes galvanization by precisely controlling the dimmers, which heat a basin of water, serving as a water bath to maintain molten zinc. This rigorous management of temperatures, essential both for safety and for the quality of the coating, ensures that ideal conditions are maintained in each phase of the process.

The Purecontrol solution also allows operators to achieve unprecedented operational efficiency and achieve significant savings and minimize the ecological footprint.

Maximizing quality
Of galvanization

Thanks to our dimmer control system, based on the prediction of the arrival of materials in the bath, we ensure an optimal temperature gradient between the various layers. This ensures that each piece is galvanized with a smooth and even finish, without granularity.

Reduction of

Our technology also allows optimal energy management. By forecasting when the plant is active, we are adjusting the operation of the dimmers to reduce energy consumption while keeping the molten zinc ready for the galvanizing process.

Extending the lifespan

By stabilizing the power of the dimmers, we avoid overheating and temperature fluctuations that can damage the galvanizing tank. This contributes to significantly extending the life of the installations, while maintaining high quality production.

The regulation of the dimmers by Purecontrol allows us to maintain a very high quality of galvanization while reducing our energy consumption by 9% in kWh per kg of material: a significant saving on our monthly energy bill reaching 250k€.

Emmanuel Caillaud

Maintenance and new construction manager at Prestia SBG

Hypervision solution

Access all the key indicators for monitoring your site in real time, ensuring smooth and serene control of your operation. Benefit from an accurate predictive vision, anticipating future operating hours and providing the associated control instructions.

Benefit from multi-objective predictive management:

Power disaggregation

Purecontrol makes it possible to obtain the energy profile of each equipment without a sub-meter, then to continuously monitor their consumption and efficiency.

Predictive maintenance

Detect anomalies in equipment behaviour early to anticipate failures and alert operators before any impact on the system or production continuity.

Process prediction

Our ability to predict the evolution of processes allows us to finely regulate the start-up of equipment, and consumption (water, reagents, biological inputs, etc.)

Stabilization of quality

While the default settings are often static and excessively cautious, our ability to predict and control allows us to obtain optimal quality and regulatory compliance without excessive consumption.

Taking into account external data

Weather, energy prices, carbon intensity of electricity supplied by the network,... We adjust the control as close as possible to your constraints.

Holistic and contextual management

Our algorithms are designed to take into account influencing factors external to the site or to the controlled processes, such as: multi-site load management, demand fluctuation, or the realization of arbitrations.

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