A complete software suite that integrates seamlessly into your environment

A minimum of investment is necessary on your side: our solution adds to your business skills for tailor-made management. See significant gains as early as 3 months after the start of data collection.


Definition of objectives and
data collection

The Purecontrol solution interfaces with your equipment to collect data from your sites, associated with their context (weather, electrical tariff, maintenance, etc.) to begin our learning.


Analysis and characterization

We create a digital twin of your process through modeling the variables of interest combined with reinforcement learning. We offer optimized management scenarios.


Supervision tool

The Purecontrol solution offers you a real-time view of your installations and allows you to visualize its operation in advance for proactive, controlled management, and anticipating the emergence of incidents.


Intelligent control of PLCs, as early as 3 months after the start of collection

Purecontrol combines foresight and adaptation to make the best decisions, ensuring real-time multi-objective management in a multifactorial environment.

From the first month of piloting with the Purecontrol solution, we observed a 15% reduction in our energy bill, despite an increase in load. The project was smooth and quick to implement, thanks to the efficiency and responsiveness of the Purecontrol teams.

Guillaume Guérin

Water treatment manager at Olga

We develop management scenarios by exploiting various optimization levers:

Power disaggregation

Purecontrol makes it possible to obtain the energy profile of each equipment without a sub-meter, then to continuously monitor their consumption and efficiency.

Predictive maintenance

Detect anomalies in equipment behaviour early to anticipate failures and alert operators before any impact on the system or production continuity.

Generation of soft sensors

When sites are not equipped with adequate probes, we develop virtual sensors based on available data, offering at a lower cost a reliability that is almost equivalent to a direct measurement.

Maximizing self-consumption

Purecontrol analyzes and predicts energy production on site (solar, biogas, etc.) and controls equipment to maximize self-consumption.

Energy mix and decarbonization

To reduce the carbon impact of your energy consumption, Purecontrol plans management by focusing on low-carbon periods.

Demand response management

Purecontrol provides smart demand response management to ensure continuity of service by forecasting the evolution of your processes during and after the energy shedding period.

Process prediction

Our ability to predict the evolution of processes allows us to finely regulate the start-up of equipment, and consumption (water, reagents, biological inputs, etc.)

Stabilization of quality

While the default settings are often static and excessively cautious, our ability to predict and control allows us to obtain optimal quality and regulatory compliance without excessive consumption.

Taking into account external data

Weather, energy prices, carbon intensity of electricity supplied by the network,... We adjust the control as close as possible to your constraints.

Holistic and contextual management

Our algorithms are designed to take into account influencing factors external to the site or to the controlled processes, such as: multi-site load management, demand fluctuation, or the realization of arbitrations.

Engage in a tailor-made project with Purecontrol, where minimal investment on your part results in a significant increase in performance.

The strategy that we will define with you will depend on both your industrial context, the equipment available on site, and your performance objectives.

Example of fields of application

With a mathematical and telecom vision of processes, the Purecontrol solution can be replicated without limits from one environment to another. Our catalog of turnkey applications is constantly being expanded.
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Do I need to add sensors or sub-counters to use Purecontrol?

The Purecontrol solution intelligently adapts its functionalities to the existing environment of your site, allowing optimal management without additional investments in hardware. Industrial sites, even old ones, are full of data that is often misused. If essential data is missing, our solution uses virtual sensors (virtual sub-counter, NH4 soft-sensor...) to simulate this information, thus getting as close as possible to real data. It is therefore generally not necessary to install new sensors or sub-meters to benefit from effective control by Purecontrol.

I already have a supervision solution, what will Purecontrol offer me?

Purecontrol represents a significant complement to your supervision solution. Our Hypervision solution offers you predictive view of your processes over 24 hours, allowing you to manage in advance rather than in reaction to events. But above all, all the good ideas identified by your dashboards, or during previous diagnostic, Purecontrol puts them into action! Our AI control solution interacts directly with your PLCs by sending control commands in real-time to your equipment, for proactive management of your processes, continuously optimized. With Purecontrol, you will activate the true potential of your data to see concrete benefits just a few weeks after installation.

How does Purecontrol communicate with industrial equipment?

The Purecontrol solution connects to the automated systems in your installation to acquire data and transmit control instructions to the equipment. Our system is compatible with all brands on the market and supports a wide range of communication protocols, ensuring a smooth and effective integration with your existing infrastructure, whether centralized or on-premise.

Can I turn off Autopilot once Purecontrol is installed?

The Purecontrol solution is designed to integrate seamlessly into the automated environment of your processes, but also to leave control to existing controllers when this seems relevant to you. This flexibility is essential, especially in case of unexpected situations such as sudden pollution entering a treatment plant or a change of reagent in a process. The switch between automated control by Purecontrol and the standard operating mode of your PLCs is done automatically in the event of an anomaly identified by our AI, or manually from your platform or by our project team.

And what are my IT and cybersecurity managers going to say about it?

Developed by experienced professionals in information system security, the cybersecurity dimension of Purecontrol was integrated “by design”. Our solution takes a multi-layered approach to protection, including securing access, data, and storage, as well as proactive measures against intrusions. It also integrates a local control system to maintain the continuity and safety of operations, even in the face of disturbances. Regularly subjected to rigorous safety tests, Purecontrol is validated and adopted by major players in the water management sector in France, testifying to our dedication to providing a trustworthy solution.

How much does the Purecontrol solution cost?

Adopting Purecontrol is economically beneficial, offering both benefits (financial, such as reduced production costs and reduced reagent consumption), as well as operational benefits (including process stabilization, quality improvement, and waste compliance assurance). After an initial installation cost, billed only once, our software solution is offered as a monthly subscription with no commitment, which allows you great flexibility.

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