Field of application

Artificial Intelligence-based control of biomass boilers, waste-to-energy plants and district heating networks

Purecontrol controls combustion and heat production units in real time. Stabilize your processes, maximize returns while limiting your costs and emissions. Our solution adjusts heat production to real needs, in urban or industrial contexts.
Benefit from our expertise, validated on more than 300 sites. Purecontrol simplifies the modernization of your installation with rapid implementation, without additional investments.

Maximize returns

Limit the consumption of reagents

Ensuring regulatory compliance of discharges

Adjusting heat production to demand

Combustion and district heating networks

From process optimization to the holistic management of your thermal power plants

Waste-to-energy plants transform garbage into electrical and thermal energy, guaranteeing safety by eliminating high-temperature pollutants.

This process reduces the volume of waste by 90%, saves natural resources and limits the use of fossil fuels. Purecontrol help you optimize the technical and economic management of your sites, ensuring efficiency and peace of mind.

Feeding according to demand
In heat

Purecontrol predicts heat demand by comparing usage, weather and calendar in particular. By evaluating the combustion potential of inputs, our solution optimizes furnace supply and air injection, to ensure efficient combustion that is adapted to real needs. Produce as much waste as possible.

Stabilization of the generation
Of steam

We regulate the load rate and the speed of supply to the oven, as well as the air supply to maintain constant pressure and steam flow. This advanced management ensures maximum energy efficiency, while meeting the requirements of your industrial process.

Optimization of treatment

Purecontrol finely regulates reagent inputs based on smoke analyses and combustion quality. In the absence of sensors on site, Purecontrol reconstructs virtual sensors that significantly improve the treatment process to ensure regulatory compliance.

Improvement of biomass yields

With Purecontrol, make significant savings in biomass while improving the efficiency of your boiler. Purecontrol controls the O2 level for optimal combustion, thus reducing biomass consumption while respecting environmental objectives.

Network management
Of urban heat

Purecontrol orchestrates heat production between your production units: biomass, UVE, fossil fuel boilers. Reduce your costs, your emissions, and accelerate the decarbonization of your city. Purecontrol ensures intelligent and flexible management for a greener and more economical city.

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Hypervision solution

Access all the key indicators for monitoring your site in real time, ensuring smooth and serene control of your operation. Benefit from an accurate predictive vision, anticipating future operating hours and providing the associated control instructions.

Benefit from multi-objective predictive management:

Power disaggregation

Purecontrol makes it possible to obtain the energy profile of each equipment without a sub-meter, then to continuously monitor their consumption and efficiency.

Predictive maintenance

Detect anomalies in equipment behaviour early to anticipate failures and alert operators before any impact on the system or production continuity.

Process prediction

Our ability to predict the evolution of processes allows us to finely regulate the start-up of equipment, and consumption (water, reagents, biological inputs, etc.)

Stabilization of quality

While the default settings are often static and excessively cautious, our ability to predict and control allows us to obtain optimal quality and regulatory compliance without excessive consumption.

Taking into account external data

Weather, energy prices, carbon intensity of electricity supplied by the network,... We adjust the control as close as possible to your constraints.

Holistic and contextual management

Our algorithms are designed to take into account influencing factors external to the site or to the controlled processes, such as: multi-site load management, demand fluctuation, or the realization of arbitrations.

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