Field of application

Optimising drinking water distribution networks with artificial intelligence control

Purecontrol optimizes pumping cycles and storage management. Our predictive technology adapts to water demand, reducing energy consumption while guaranteeing the necessary storage capacity.

Purecontrol predicts the flow rates at the outlet of the storage, assesses the autonomy of the tanks, and activates the most efficient pumping scenario in terms of cost and carbon footprint. This intelligent management, adapted to the constraints specified by the operator, ensures optimized, economical and environmentally friendly water distribution.

Reducing energy consumption

Ensuring storage

Preserving the drinking water resource

Preventing leaks and anomalies

Intelligent management of drinking water

Optimization of pumping cycles and storage management

Purecontrol optimizes the entire drinking water distribution process. It redefines water storage management, adapting precisely to demand. The solution predicts demand for water and determines the autonomy required for each reservoir on an ongoing basis, enabling proactive management.

It identifies and activates the most efficient pumping scenario in terms of cost and carbon footprint, while respecting the autonomy constraints set by the operator. This advanced system ensures optimized water distribution, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

Optimizing cycles

Our solution controls water tank pumping cycles to reduce energy costs. Dynamic AI control maximizes pumping during off-peak hours, analyzes performance continuously and prioritizes the use of the most efficient pumps.

Storage Management
depending on demand

Purecontrol's AI algorithms anticipate the demand for drinking water and adjust storage capacity as best as possible. Thanks to the prediction of consumption, we ensure the availability of drinking water by maximizing the efficiency of the network and minimizing costs.

Early anomalies

The Purecontrol system quickly detects leaks and anomalies in drinking water networks. This real-time monitoring improves reliability and reduces maintenance costs.

The partnership with Purecontrol allows us to find innovative solutions to improve the operating performance of our systems. The results are very encouraging: up to 20% savings noted on sites equipped with the solution.

Hortense Bret

Head of the Heritage and Foresight division at Eau17

Hypervision solution

Access all the key indicators for monitoring your site in real time, ensuring smooth and serene control of your operation. Benefit from an accurate predictive vision, anticipating future operating hours and providing the associated control instructions.

Ex. Management of optimized pumping cycles according to drinking water demand, energy prices and pump efficiency.

Benefit from multi-objective predictive management:

Power disaggregation

Purecontrol makes it possible to obtain the energy profile of each equipment without a sub-meter, then to continuously monitor their consumption and efficiency.

Predictive maintenance

Detect anomalies in equipment behaviour early to anticipate failures and alert operators before any impact on the system or production continuity.

Generation of soft sensors

When sites are not equipped with adequate probes, we develop virtual sensors based on available data, offering at a lower cost a reliability that is almost equivalent to a direct measurement.

Maximizing self-consumption

Purecontrol analyzes and predicts energy production on site (solar, biogas, etc.) and controls equipment to maximize self-consumption.

Energy mix and decarbonization

To reduce the carbon impact of your energy consumption, Purecontrol plans management by focusing on low-carbon periods.

Process prediction

Our ability to predict the evolution of processes allows us to finely regulate the start-up of equipment, and consumption (water, reagents, biological inputs, etc.)

Stabilization of quality

While the default settings are often static and excessively cautious, our ability to predict and control allows us to obtain optimal quality and regulatory compliance without excessive consumption.

Taking into account external data

Weather, energy prices, carbon intensity of electricity supplied by the network,... We adjust the control as close as possible to your constraints.

Holistic and contextual management

Our algorithms are designed to take into account influencing factors external to the site or to the controlled processes, such as: multi-site load management, demand fluctuation, or the realization of arbitrations.

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