Energy crisis and climate emergency

Turn diagnosis into action
with AI real-time control-command of your processes

With Purecontrol, manage your industrial facilities for a sustainable future.
Our AI solution maximizes performance and energy savings, while reducing the carbon footprint.
Purecontrol is your smart partner proven  at 500+ sites in Europe.


Intelligent management of
industrial processes


Control of your
energy consumption


Reducing your
carbon footprint

Increase efficiency with new generation industrial automation.

Make your facilities more efficient with AI, without additional equipment

Industrial facilities, even aging, can still improve their performance thanks to remote control intelligence. Purecontrol simply interfaces with your PLCs systems to control your equipment. There is no need to install sub-meters or additional sensors. Purecontrol intelligently recreates missing data, ensuring optimized management adapted to your needs.

Our partnership with Purecontrol for the development of the MetisIA solution allows dynamic management of biomass power plants and waste-to-energy plants. In this way, we improve their energy efficiency and reduce the content of pollutants in the smoke, in line with our environmental objectives.

Sylvain Roseau

Smart Performance Manager at Leroux and Lotz

Measure your first gains after only 3 months of data collection

Purecontrol integrates into your system with minimal effort on your part. After connecting to your PLCs, our algorithms take charge of creating optimization scenarios and management plans guaranteeing a smooth transition to more efficient management in line with your objectives:

  • Energy and environmental performance.
  • Stabilization and strengthening of quality.
  • Compliance with current standards and regulations.
The partnership with Purecontrol allows us to find innovative solutions to improve the operating performance of our systems. The results are very encouraging: up to 20% savings noted on sites equipped with the solution.

Hortense Bret

Head of the Heritage and Foresight division at Eau17

Gain peace of mind with a real-time and predictive view of your processes

Transform your reactive management into a proactive strategy with our hypervision solution. Take advantage of a real-time vision of your site, and anticipate its behavior:

  • Proactive detection of anomalies allowing intervention before the emergence of incidents.
  • Visualize your process in advance, enriched by our control orders based on reliable predictions.
  • The system is learning and improving every day, so are you...
Purecontrol facilitates the work of our agents, saves them time and provides better control of operations. This results in energy savings, optimized management of chemical inputs and increased discharge stability.

Boris Gueguen

Sanitation Director

Example of fields of application

With a mathematical and telecom vision of processes, the Purecontrol solution can be replicated without limits from one environment to another. Our catalog of turnkey applications is constantly being expanded.
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Ready to use for your process environment

The Purecontrol solution interfaces transparently with all PLCs on the market, whether in centralized core network management, or directly on the hub of your site.

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