Optimization of water management and energy efficiency by Purecontrol


Purecontrol revolutionizes the regulation of automated water and energy management systems.

With its real-time, autonomous and predictive industrial automation solutions, Purecontrol enables manufacturers, water authorities and renewable energy producers to make processes more reliable, optimize energy and operational efficiency while reducing carbon footprint.

Facts and figures

Founded in 2017, our team brings together all the skills and expertise to ensure the development, integration and operation of automated systems adapted to your needs

Engaged in energy transition and respect of the environment

Experts in AI and energy optimization




sites successfully equipped


invested in R&D


Tons of CO2 saved

Intelligent, real-time automation and control solutions

Our technology solutions, powered by artificial intelligence, are now used daily at more than 150 sites:
  • Food factories,
  • Water purification plants,
  • Pumping stations,
  • Wastewater collection and treatment,
  • Industrial wastewater treatment,
  • Methanization units,
  • Renewable energy producers…
Purecontrol simplifies and optimizes the regulation of complex installations with real-time equipment control solutions, analytics and predictive maintenance.

“We have been partnering with Purecontrol since 2020. The automated management of our water treatment plants powered by Purecontrol is fully in line with two of our strategic objectives: reducing our energy consumption and making our treatment more reliable. The results are impressive with a 10 to 15% decrease in our energy consumption.

Purecontrol is very attentive to our needs (energy savings, purification performance…) and to our challenges, especially in terms of cyber security. Purecontrol application is particularly appreciated for its ergonomics and its ease of configuration. It provides a precise view of the electrical consumption per equipment and this, without sub-meter!

The reliability of the solution and the quality of our collaboration with Purecontrol allow us to project ourselves on new optimization projects: pumping management, predictive maintenance…

Purecontrol is a powerful solution that accompanies us daily in our quest for performance.”

Boris Gueguen
Sanitation Director
Rennes Métropole – France

Benefits of Purecontrol


Industrial processes


Energy consumption


Carbon footprint


Thanks to predictive maintenance

Recognized expertise and innovation

In 2021, Purecontrol was awarded 3 prizes and labels recognizing the eco-innovative aspect and the market potential of its solutions in France and internationally.

Our partners

Purecontrol aims to become a world leader in intelligent automation for water management and energy optimization. We warmly thank our partners who are accompanying us in this adventure. Their support is essential to ensure the development of our solutions, strengthen our technological edge and accelerate our growth.