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Biogas: energy optimization and reliability of methanization units by Artificial Intelligence

Purecontrol optimizes your yields, whether for injection or cogeneration, in agricultural environments or at the outlet of treatment plants. At the same time, we reduce your operating costs, ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

Modernize your installation in just a few weeks and without additional investments. Our dynamic real-time control technology, proven on more than 300 sites, maximizes the efficiency of your methanizer.

Maximize returns

Control operating costs

Making processes more reliable

Decrease CO2 emissions

Biogas production

From process optimization to holistic management of your methanization unit

Methanization transforms organic waste into biogas. This natural process valorizes agricultural, industrial and household waste into heat, electricity, or biomethane for the gas network. It is a complex process that requires precise technical and economic management. Purecontrol is committed to working alongside you to simplify your daily life, gain peace of mind, and maximize the profitability of your operation.

Of the input ration

Purecontrol predicts biogas production by analyzing the composition of your inputs. Our system refines the assessment of the energy value of each type of input every week. This continuous learning allows you to optimize your diet for maximum energy extraction.

Biological balance
In the digester

Purecontrol optimally regulates the temperature and the agitation in the digester, thus promoting bacterial activity and the release of biogas. This intelligent management ensures optimal biological balance, maximizing yields while reducing energy costs.

Reduction of purifier operating times

The purifier removes impurities and unwanted components to obtain a gas containing more than 97% methane. Purecontrol predicts the evolution of the quantity of biogas in the gaseous sky and the evolution of energy prices to control the start-up of the purifier.

Holistic management
In cogeneration

In cogeneration, the biogas produced is transformed on site into electricity and heat, used on site or sold locally. Purecontrol makes it possible to control the site to adjust gas production according to the energy demand of industrial and agricultural customers.

Optimization of production
In injection

Our system adjusts biogas production in line with the availability of raw materials and the GRDF network. This strategic lag optimizes the injection of biogas, ensuring perfect integration with network availability to reduce flaring.

Thanks to the integration of Purecontrol, which combines preventive detection of anomalies and real-time management, with our sectoral expertise, we have developed BIOGAS-IA® which simplifies the optimization of the biogas sector, which is renowned for its complexity.

Fabien Lozevis

Technical director at Nevezus and BioGazia

Hypervision solution

Access all the key indicators for monitoring your site in real time, ensuring smooth and serene control of your operation. Benefit from an accurate predictive vision, anticipating future operating hours and providing the associated control instructions.

Ex. Prediction of the levels of the gaseous sky and the cost of injection to control the start-up of the purifier.

Benefit from multi-objective predictive management:

Power disaggregation

Purecontrol makes it possible to obtain the energy profile of each equipment without a sub-meter, then to continuously monitor their consumption and efficiency.

Predictive maintenance

Detect anomalies in equipment behaviour early to anticipate failures and alert operators before any impact on the system or production continuity.

Maximizing self-consumption

Purecontrol analyzes and predicts energy production on site (solar, biogas, etc.) and controls equipment to maximize self-consumption.

Process prediction

Our ability to predict the evolution of processes allows us to finely regulate the start-up of equipment, and consumption (water, reagents, biological inputs, etc.)

Stabilization of quality

While the default settings are often static and excessively cautious, our ability to predict and control allows us to obtain optimal quality and regulatory compliance without excessive consumption.

Taking into account external data

Weather, energy prices, carbon intensity of electricity supplied by the network,... We adjust the control as close as possible to your constraints.

Holistic and contextual management

Our algorithms are designed to take into account influencing factors external to the site or to the controlled processes, such as: multi-site load management, demand fluctuation, or the realization of arbitrations.


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