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What We’re Looking For:
Purecontrol is continually seeking new talents with diverse experiences and backgrounds to enrich our teams. Soft skills, kindness, and environmental awareness are essential qualities within our team.

Key Information:

  • The company is headquartered in Rennes (head office) and has offices in Paris and Liège. We continue to expand our presence in France and internationally.
  • You will work in comfortable flex office – open space environments with a welcoming “home” atmosphere and pleasant outdoor spaces right in the heart of the Breton capital.
  • We place utmost importance on the company’s values, which are deeply ingrained in Purecontrol’s operations: communication, transparency, and accountability.

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Support technician


Sales Engineer Belgium

Sales Engineer UK

Sales Engineer – Water Business Unit Spain

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Recruitment process at Purecontrol?

How to Apply at Purecontrol? 💻

Job postings are made available on Hellowork, as well as on the Purecontrol website. You can also apply spontaneously. Purecontrol is constantly seeking talent, so if you wish to join the team, please don’t hesitate to submit your CV.

Key  Figures 

Year of creation 2017

Gender parity 15 femmes – 35 hommes

Average age 31 ans

Numbre of employees 50

What is the Recruitment Process at Purecontrol? 👱‍♀️

After you submit your application, you will be contacted by Maïwenn LE GOFF for a telephone interview. This interview will allow you to introduce yourself, including your background and experiences. Feel free to share any information during this interview that could support your application. During this conversation, Maiwenn will also introduce you to the company and the specific position.

Following the telephone interview, depending on the field of activity, Geoffroy MAILLARD or Gautier AVRIL may conduct a face-to-face interview with you. This will delve into the details of the position.

We aim to respond to all applications and provide each candidate with the opportunity to express their background and professional experiences. Therefore, depending on the volume of applications for the position, the recruitment process may vary in duration. However, we set a maximum response time of one month from the date of your application.

Feedback on Your Application 📳

If you have been selected for the position, you will be contacted directly by phone to congratulate you and share information about the next steps and the hiring process. Unfortunately, if you are not selected, we will reach out to you (via email or phone) to inform you that your application has not been accepted.

We indeed place importance on providing feedback to all candidates regarding the outcome of the recruitment process, whether it is positive or negative.

It’s your turn to apply!

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Working at Purecontrol

Miniature ITW GetG

Purecontrol brings its expertise to the water management actors, especially with 3 of the major french water managers leaders. The start-up also begins to develop itself with manufacturers and renewable energy producers.

Purecontrol is not looking for a well-looking CV, but rather an approach! All our employees have the same desire: contribute to the building of a better industry, each at their own level.

And this is how our work becomes even more interesting!

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Contribute to the building of a better society 🏡

Purecontrol is part of a collective intelligence approach towards the environment and mobilizes itself with manufacturers and communities to allow them to reach more easily their objectives of reducing their environmental impact. It is an approach that motivates all our employees.


Mutual respect 🖐

Because we know the balance between personal and profesional life can be thin, we are committed to respecting the needs of our employees: flexible schedules, remote work, autonomy, team building activities… The management listens to the needs of employees and communicates transparently.

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