Interplume, the french feather and down specialist, combines solar trackers and artificial intelligence to decarbonize

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Interplume, french leader in the processing of feathers and down, has taken a further step in its environmental policy by deploying Purecontrol's intelligent control solution at its Sainte-Hermine (85) site. Coupled with the 17 solar trackers already installed by Okwind, this solution will reduce the industrial site's energy consumption, and maximize solar self-consumption. 

An environmental commitment by Interplume

Industry accounts for 19% of France's greenhouse gas emissions, which means that players in this sector need to develop new, low-carbon production methods. This decarbonization inevitably involves a change in the industrial use of energy resources, which is one of the most polluting factors.

For several years now, the company specializing in the processing and recycling of feathers and down has been committed to a policy of continuous improvement to prevent environmental pollution through sustainable development. Ambitious objectives, to guarantee improved environmental performance and to stay ahead of the legal requirements linked to Interplume's products and services.

To make this vision a reality, Interplume has launched several initiatives to improve its energy self-sufficiency: 

  • a methanization plant provides part of the company's thermal energy needs,
  • an activated sludge treatment plant (no chemical inputs) treats their wastewater, which is then recycled and reused,
  • 17 solar trackers recently installed by Okwind contribute to energy self-consumption.

By adopting these practices, Interplume strives to minimize its environmental impact while promoting a business model based on recycling and sustainability. 

"Interplume wanted to position itself not as the biggest player in Feathers & Down, but as the French leader in decarbonated down, distinguishing itself by its commitment to production that combines respect for the environment with sustainable innovation", recalls Jean-Philippe Catusse, President of Interplume.

Artificial intelligence and solar energy: the winning duo for decarbonization

To accelerate its decarbonization strategy, Interplume has teamed up with Purecontrol to optimize and reduce energy consumption at its Saint-Hermine wastewater treatment plant. The solution will automatically control the aeration systems in the basins to optimize their duration and operating times, while guaranteeing the quality of the water leaving the plant in compliance with current regulations. 

"The Purecontrol solution will give us greater control over the regulation of our installations and energy consumption. It takes into account specific variables that affect water treatment, such as the weather or the quality of the water coming from the plant. The aim is to achieve efficient remote management of operations, also limiting on-site interventions on evenings and weekends." says Richard Francheteau, Industrial Manager at Interplume.

Six of the site's seventeen trackers, supplied by Purecontrol's partner company Okwind, are dedicated to the plant, providing 34% of its electricity consumption. Once commissioned, the Purecontrol solution will enable the plant's operation to be adjusted by shifting electricity consumption to periods of higher solar production. 

"An additional project involving 6 solar trackers installed specifically for the Interplume wastewater treatment plant will enable us to achieve 70-80% autonomy. Coupled with Purecontrol's control solution, this operation will maximize solar self-consumption, making the treatment plant more energy self-sufficient." - Concluded Sylvain Girard, Industry Market Manager at Okwind.


About Interplume

Interplume specializes in the processing of feathers and down, natural by-products of the agri-food industry, drawing on its long-standing, recognized expertise, combining Tradition and Innovation to ennoble a natural, recyclable product with exceptional original qualities. Several years ago, the company embarked on a continuous improvement process to prevent environmental pollution, in line with our sustainable development policy. These values, through commitments and efforts to improve working conditions and preserve the environment in all its diversity, have been recognized by the European Merit Foundation.

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Discover Purecontrol's efficiency in action. Let's discuss your project and develop a personalized strategy to enhance your environmental and economic performance.