Intelligent control of complex industrial processes

Intelligent control

Water, industrial processes and energy management 4.0

Manufacturers and water treatment companies are faced with many challenges:

  • Increasingly complex installations
  • Rising energy prices
  • Increasingly strict regulatory and environmental constraints
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To overcome these challenges, digital solutions are deployed at each stage of the small water cycle: Centralized supervision centers, telemetry PLCs, remote reading, meters and sensors
These tools improve the value chain but also create new difficulties:

  • Information becomes under-exploited and cumbersome.
  • Correlating and contextualizing data requires a growing level of expertise.
  • When the optimization levers are identified, their implementation can be very complex.
  • When recommendations are implemented, they are rarely challenged over time and become counterproductive.

In this context, digitization often introduces too much complexity to be able to deliver the expected results.

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Management 4.0 and control of industrial equipment by Purecontrol

Purecontrol develops analytics and intelligent automation solutions for water companies, manufacturers and municipalities. Its software analyzes and controls your regulation systems in real-time and autonomously with the following objectives:

  • Reduce energy cost,
  • Optimize industrial processes,
  • Assuring environmental compliance.

Artificial intelligence at the heart of the Purecontrol system

Purecontrol’s AI enhances steering quality by combining internal and external data

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Purecontrol combines artificial intelligence with the expertise of operational teams.
The solution in five steps:


Data collection, historization and analysis
Purecontrol correlates and processes data from PLCs, equipment and sensors as well as external information such as energy pricing, weather forecasts, seasonal variations, etc…
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Understanding the behavior of installations and creating a digital twin
The data is analyzed to understand how installations behave in their environment, what the effects of parameter changes will be and the influence of external events on overall operations.

Based on this analysis a true digital twin of the installation is created.


Monitoring, analytics and preventive maintenance
The digital twin provides a precise vision of how industrial installations operate: energy consumption and efficiency, flow distribution. Predictive analysis helps operators anticipate failures, assess the impact of external influences and detect anomalies.
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Intelligent and real-time equipment control
Millions of simulations are carried out on the digital twin to find the best industrial management strategy. The selected option is set up automatically to control the installation optimally and dynamically.

The strength of Purecontrol is its simplicity of implementation, its ability to act and automatically adjust in real-time thanks to the power and experience of its algorithms.


Learning and continuous improvement
The algorithms of Purecontrol solution have a capacity for self-learning and continuous improvement which allows them to perform better as they analyze new data.
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Use cases

 Industry driven by data : Discover our use cases

Purecontrol helps manufacturers, water management companies and producers of renewable energy to:

  • Optimize their energy efficiency.
  • Increase the performance of their production processes.
  • Reduce their environmental footprint.

Our solutions address a wide range of use cases: pumping, drinking water treatment, water distribution, collection and treatment in water treatment plants.

Purecontrol is also leading development projects in partnership with operators of aquatic centers, datacenters, methanization sites, logistics platforms and supermarkets,…

You are a water company or a municipality
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You are a manufacturer
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You are a producer of renewable energy
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You’re a water company or a municipality
Station d epuration et bassins de gestions de l eau | Purecontrol |
You’re a manufacturer
Usine de papier au bord d une riviere vue du ciel | Purecontrol |
You’re a producer of renewable energy
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To answer your challenges

For each field of application, Purecontrol’s solutions address a wide range of issues.
Do you have a particular problem and would like to launch a pilot project with Purecontrol?
Tell us about it!

Reduce energy carbon footprint

Power disaggregation

Anticipate and detect anomalies

Maximizing autoconsumption

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Demand response management

Dynamic wastewater management

Benefits of Purecontrol

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Industrial processes

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Energy consumption

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Carbon footprint

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