Biogas sector | Purecontrol goes full throttle

by | Dec 27, 2021 | Blog, greenTech cleanTech

Biogas sector | Purecontrol goes full throttle

Purecontrol is pleased to announce its partnership with the consulting firm NEVEZUS, specialized in the valorization of biomass and organic waste into low carbon energy. Within the framework of this cooperation, Purecontrol deploys its analytical and intelligent automation solutions to optimize in real time the industrial systems of biogas plants.

The biogas sector contributes to the objectives of the energy transition and the development of renewable energies: reducing greenhouse gas emissions and developing the circular economy through the recycling of organic waste.

The new French 2020 multi-year energy program foresees a decrease of the biomethane purchase tariffs which encourages producers to reduce their production costs and to optimize the yield of the methanization units.

Together, Purecontrol and Nevezus are collaborating to: – Maximize biogas production, – Reduce energy consumption, – Improve the reliability of industrial processes in anaerobic digestion plants.

“NEVEZUS develops with Purecontrol a solution that allows us to propose a unique offer on the market: The ability to control their production process in an optimal way, to reduce their energy costs, while respecting environmental constraints”, comments Joël Tanguy, President of Nevezus.

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