Signature of a protocol for the exclusive exploitation of the wimming pool activities by CF Control

For several years, CF group and Purecontrol have been working together to optimize the management of swimming pools through artificial intelligence. Faced with the increase of energy issues for swimming pools, the two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding to accelerate the deployment of a predictive control solution under the name of CF Control.

The public swimming pool sector is confronted with economic constraints such as the increase in entry fees, the legal obligation to reduce the water temperature, or even a temporary or permanent closure. Faced with this situation, the two companies CF group and Purecontrol have decided, through a strategic commercial agreement, to join forces to offer pool managers a solution to limit the impact of this crisis

CF Group and Purecontrol join forces to market an energy optimization solution for swimming pools

CF group is a major European group, manufacturer and distributor of swimming pool products and equipment. It has been established on the market of collective swimming pools for many years, through its entities RPC, Laboratoires Chemoform, Dr Nüsken and Dinotec.

Purecontrol is a start-up that has been supporting industrialists and players in water  management since 2017, to optimize their energy efficiency, and increase the performance of their processes. It provides real-time and predictive equipment control solutions based on Artificial Intelligence.

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 • It was on the occasion of the 26th Piscine de Demain symposium in Chartres-de-Bretagne (35), that CF group and PureControl presented their joint solution for a more intelligent and virtuous pool: CF Control.

• Through an agreement, CF group takes over the direct operation and assets of Purecontrol’s swimming pool business (private and collective, including aquatic centers), via the CF Control entity, owned by CF group. The CF Control© brand will be developed commercially to offer new innovative solutions to pool owners, which allow for controlled management of operating and usage costs of equipment proportional to the actual attendance of the pool.

• In 2019, Purecontrol has been selected to optimize the energy consumption of the Conterie pool in Chartres de Bretagne (600 daily users, 250m² of pool) while guaranteeing water at 28°. Purecontrol’s real time control solution has allowed the Chartres de Bretagne swimming pool to reduce energy costs by up to 19%.

« Purecontrol offers a real solution, without a huge investment, which will allow us to  improve the comfort and the feeling of the users while keeping the same financial means » explains Stéphane Chatenet, director of the Syndicat intercommunal de la Piscine de la Conterie.

« CF Control now brings all the intelligence of the Purecontrol solution to the solution, to the service of the communities, and answers the constraints and multiple stakes: the climatic stakes and their constraints, the fluctuation and increase of energy prices, and the and the requirements of a complex automation system to regulate and optimize. » Nicolas Chaze, CTO CF group

« This new alliance is the result of our desire to bring a more widespread and faster solution to solution to swimming pools throughout France and Europe. French and European territory. The challenge is twofold: to control costs and decarbonize. This partnership with CF Group, via the CF Control entity, will clearly make this possible, and testifies to the willingness of all players to mobilize in the face of these growing problems. » – Geoffroy Maillard, General Manager – Purecontrol

Contact CF group :

Romy PFLIEGER – Projects Manager Communication CF Group – 

Jean-Christophe LABATTUT – CF group sales representative – 04 90 92 75 14

Contact Purecontrol : Guillaume Gelot – Partnership manager / CF Control – – 06 29 33 53 26

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